- Cronus and Kankri (Concerning Paranoia)
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(I…the image uploader is working again…anyway, I am not a medical professional, in any capacity, and if you feel like you’re in danger, please seek assistance! These recordings are meant as comfort only).

Cronus: hey there pal.  heard youvwe been havwing a tough time, or you knowv, feeling kind of insecure about a fewv things.  first of all, you gotta knowv thats alright.  evweryone has their moments of fear, or paranoia.

Kankri: Yes.  It can 6e c9mm9n t9 feel as th9ugh 9ne is 6eing c9nsistently watched, 9r judged, 6y an unseen f9rce.  I str9ngly 6elieve in the imp9rtance 9f seeking assistance and supp9rt.  H9wever, 6e sure that y9u’re careful t9 n9t d9 anything that further sparks y9ur fears, 9r that y9u’re inherently unc9mf9rta6le with, unless y9u’re 6eing cared f9r and watched 9ver 6y a pr9fessi9nal that y9u trust!

Cronus: yeah its not cool to feel like evweryones pressuring you to do something that doesnt jivwe vwith your personal autonomy.  that being said, you should reach out to people.  more of them havwe been in your position than you knowv.  vwere also thinking about you, and are on your side.  you can talk to us, okay?

Kankri: In the meantime; there are res9urces f9r pe9ple c9ping with paran9ia, 9r paran9id th9ughts.  Vari9us techniques include av9iding drugs, alc9h9l, 9r caffeine – which I understand t9 6e c9mm9n human c9ping im6i6ements, 6ut which can certainly w9rsen anxiety levels and paran9ia – keeping a rec9rd 9f y9ur th9ughts and 6ehavi9urs by maintaining, say, a j9urnal; r99ting y9urself firmly in y9ur current reality by using a metaph9rical anch9r, such as a s9lid 9bject y9u can h9ld, 9r a quick g9al y9u can ref9cus y9ur attenti9ns 9n; meditating; 9r listening t9 s99thing music.  These are just a few suggesti9ns, 9f c9urse, and if y9u’re c9ncerned f9r y9ur safety, 9r the safety 9f any9ne else in y9ur life, 6e sure to seek assistance.  There are genuinely g99d pe9ple in this w9rld, and y9u are deserving 9f their aid.  Take g99d care 9f y9urself.

 - Kurloz/Gamzee (NSFW)
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This is a short and NSFW Kurloz/Gamzee recording~

I edited the audio, and voiced both characters (Makaras are so hard, please forgive me).

The script was generously written and submitted by: we-aint-friends

Script can be found here~



scotchcarousel as zoetrope

zeoia (thats me) as demersa

art by mindofgemini

Zoetrope is a manipulative little shit. You don’t want him to be in love with you. And you don’t want to fall in love with him.

Hoping to do more Play Dead voice acting. This was like my first take on Demersa so I might fiddle around with it a bit. ^~^

You can tell I’m really awesome at putting video and audio together. Yeah. Look at those poorly timed transitions. Fuckin amazing.

Zeo you did an excellent job on the editing~! * o *

 - Sollux to Listener (Concerning School and Bullying)
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tA: hii there
heard 2chool ha2nt been two great for you the2e day2
iit ii2 fiine two seek help and a22i2tance
ii know iit miight not alway2 2eem liike a good iidea,
or maybe youre worriied that 2peakiing out wiill make thiing2 wor2e
or you feel liike you 2hould ju2t tough iit out
whatever the circum2tance2 are, ii want you two know that you have every riight to feel 2afe and re2pected at school
reach out two 2omeone who can help
2chool admin, a teacher you feel comfortable around
or 2omeone el2e you feel you can tru2t
the2e little 2hit2 need two change their behavior toward2 you because you de2erve a hell of a lot better
remember that
and hey you can alway2 vent about 2tuff two me two if you want
talk two you 2oon

 - Going, Going, Gone
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I sang alongside “Going Going Gone,” by Stars, just for practice~! It’s another lullaby-type song, because those are the bees knees~<3 

 - Chris Garneau - Between The Bars (Casual Cover)
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Just did a quick practice cover of Chris Garneau’s ‘Between the Bars.’ It’s a lovely song~! Thank you to alittle2gay for suggesting it~!

 - Tuls Practice~
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I love this unhappy creature.  :’)

Ava’s Demon, and the characters within, belong to Michelle Czajkowski~! You can read the comic here~



Warning: Very mild dubcon

Sollux: Wren
Roxy: Neils
Editing/Script: Aaron
Art: AnimatedPint
Script here

 - Bitterly (Cover)
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Covered this song by MeShell Ndegéocello~

It’s an incredibly beautiful song.  I encourage everyone to listen to the original.  Lots of memories attached to this one~!

 - Sollux/Listener (Petplay/Dom)
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NSFW Sollux/Listener script.  I combined two requests on my list.  :’)

Script here~