- Dollhouse Pseudo-Cover
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I sang over this song for practice, but the audio doesn’t sync quite right, so I’ll probably try again later.  It’s a lot louder than a lot of the songs I usually choose, so I still think it was good practice.  (Original song: “Dollhouse,” by Melanie Martinez).

 - Trust Me (The Devil's Carnival)
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Instrumental found here~

Song is “Trust Me,” from The Devil’s Carnival, as sung by Cronus~

(Just though I’d have fun with it before 4/13 is over for practically everyone, so happy possibly late 4/13~!) : D

 - Brief Mason Verger (Hannibal)
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I based this off the tone of voice of both Michael Pitt’s and Gary Oldman’s weird, bourgeoisie thing? I don’t know, I just really like that particular intonation, it was fun to do, I might do it again someday.

 - Coma Baby (Pseudo-cover)~
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Singing along with this song as practice~! : ) It’s okay.  D ;

I strongly identify with this song, as a mentally ill person, but the words can definitely be interpreted as ableist, and are not for everyone

An anon on manicpixiedreamtwink told me this song reminded them of me, and I really liked it, so there you have it~!

 - Vriska Pestering John
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Vriska’s lines from this pesterlog: (Link~)

When I feel depressed, I voice act Vriska.

 - Part of Your World (Cronus Cover~)
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Lyrics here~! I didn’t change too much.  I kind of had a Mer!Cronus in mind for this one! (As requested a while back~)

 - Terezi to Nepeta (Pesterlog)
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This is the same pesterlog as performed beforehand with Bells, but I received another set of Terezi lines from helmsmanbattery

(I’m blessed to work with such excellent Terezis~! Thanks again~!)

Pesterlog here~

Background music is “Pawnce,” by Robert Blaker~

 - Fly Me to the Moon (Sollux to Mituna)
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(Requested a while back~! Originally, I believe the idea was that this was a song Sollux sometimes sang to Mituna — it’s also a song for someone awesome’s birthday~! Not sure if you’d like to be mentioned by url/name?)

Instrumental from Olivia Ong’s version of “Fly Me to the Moon.”

 - Feeding Time (Dualscar/Sollux NSFW)
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Dualscar/Sollux (aged up).  This is a NSFW recording with a bit of feeding kink included~

Script here~

Dualscar: s0lluxd0uble-d-capt0r

Script: Dyzzyah~


This is a recent commission for a nsfw cronkri recording based off the 'pocky game.'

Script here~