wren do you think its bad that when i see people i care about having fun and talking with other friends, i get kind of jealous b/c im a lonely miserable sack of shit? b/c i feel like that's probably bad.

Nope! Jealousy is an incredibly normal and healthy emotion to experience and recognize — it crosses over into self-destructive and unhealthy territory when it becomes an obsession, and/or it changes your behaviour toward other people in a negative way.  So acknowledge your jealousy, recognize that it doesn’t make you a bad person, by any means, and maybe figure out a coping technique, so things don’t get out of hand.  Plus, you can always discuss this with your friends.  Maybe gently suggest spending more time with them, or all of you spending time together?









*nearby lesbian laughter*

*muffled asexual snickering*

*conflicted pansexual noises*

*moderately panicked bisexual muttering*


thank god for the pill

This is cissexist as fuck

Yep, and some folks are also forgetting about STIs.

Acousticphobia anon here! That makes sense, thank you for explaining it to me. I'm sorry if I came across as rude, I was just confused. Have a good day!

Not to worry! Unless you have a specific trigger, it’s honestly best not to question all the ins and outs of that trigger, because everyone will experience it differently, and everyone can be affected by the same general subject differently.  I’ll actually use one of mine as an example, like.  If I’m in a hospital with a family member, I’m way more likely to have a panic attack than if I’m there by myself, or with a friend. 

So essentially, I just like to cover any and all ground with my tags, when I can! It’s just a safety measure.  : )


We try and educate you nicely and you walk all over us

We get angry and you say ‘maybe if you were nicer, we would listen’


A mystery we may never solve

I don’t think I’ve listened to this song since the great February debacle.


Be as gay as possible and steal anything and everything your little gay hands can carry